Sky United

The work of individuals is aligned with shared values, internal beliefs and practices. SKY UNITED employees share the four core values: Safety First, People Development, Customer Orientation, and Performance Culture, which form the foundation for our people and to successfully build reliability in lives of our employees and subcontractors.

Safety First

Health and Safety is our core value. We put utmost priority on the Health and Safety of our employees, sub contractors and third parties.

People Development

We encourage our people to work on developing their skills with strong motivation and support them to grow as individuals. We are determined to provide a working environment where everyone works hard together for growth, actively and fully demonstrating their abilities with an adventurous spirit. Opportunities to go abroad help our people broaden their views and develop skills to become Safety-minded leaders.

Customer Orientation

We believe that we will be successful if our clients are successful. We are committed to helping our client create better value in their businesses than our competitors.

Performance Culture

We aim to make performance a daily commitment. We work with foresight for greater achievement, always striving for higher goals and benchmarks for Safety.

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